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Legal complaint signed by Aaron Burr Jr.

August 9, 1784 Colonial & Early National (1746-1820)

Legal complaint from Aaron Burr Jr.'s client Thomas Stevenson, regarding a woman who was enslaved by Stevenson and purportedly lured away by a man named John Lake. In the complaint, Burr Jr. pursues damages on behalf of Stevenson, who accuses Lake of "contriving and fradulently intending craftily and subtilly to deceive and defraud" Stevenson when he "converted and disposed" of a "certain negroe woman slave...to his own proper use to the damage of said Thomas of eighty pounds."

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Creator Aaron Burr Jr. Source

Legal Complaint Signed by Aaron Burr in the Case of Thomas Stevenson vs. John Lake; Princeton University Library Collection of Aaron Burr (1756-1836) Materials, C0089, Manuscripts Division, Department of Special Collections, Princeton University Library.

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