Princeton and Slavery - HIS 402 - Princeton University (2013, 2016, 2017)

The three versions of this syllabus track the evolution of the Princeton and Slavery Project, as students developed projects, wrote stories for the nascent website, and finally used the completed website as background reading for further research.

Fall 2013 Spring 2016 Fall 2017

Princeton, Slavery, and Historical Memory - FRS 167 - Princeton University (2016)

This syllabus, developed for a freshman seminar taught in Fall, 2016, led students through the process of developing short videos that explored the ways in which Princeton affiliates – students, alumni, faculty and staff – understood their own family histories related to the institution of slavery. A selection of these videos is available here.

Fall 2016

Columbia University and Slavery - Columbia University (2017)

Many universities are now examining their institutional connections to slavery. This syllabus for a research seminar at Columbia University focuses on exploring the history of the University’s connection to slavery in a city the New-York Historical Society called “the capital of American slavery for more than two centuries."

Spring 2017
Did You Know...?A fugitive slave worked on the Princeton campus. Read More